Open-sea and deep-water fish of the Balearic Islands

Enric Ballesteros Sagarra, Toni Llobet François

The Balearic Sea is teeming with marine life. In its waters, large numbers of tuna breed. Conger eels, hake and angler fish live near the sea bed, while towards the surface swim vast schools of sardines and dolphinfish. This easy-to-use guide introduces you to the most common local species of open-sea (pelagic) fish, and those that live near the sea floor (benthonic). These are fish that you may spot in the waters around the islands. Many are easy to find in local fish markets: take this guide with you to identify abundant local species. You'll be supporting conservation and helping the local fishing sector at the same time. Illustrations on each page of this guide are approximately to scale, so that you can compare species more easily. Each beautifully accurate illustration is accompanied by a short, descriptive text. At the front of the guide is a key to symbols that summarise information about the abundance, water depth and habitat of each species.