Gaudí, singular architect

Josep Liz Rodríguez

"The power of Antoni Gaudí the architect resides in his prolific invention of shapes. The variety and expressiveness in the shapes themselves, such as his sculptures or paintings, already gave a glimpse of the modern artist he was. But, in fact, they are the outcome of extraordinary structural inventions, an imaginative use of materials and an unbeatable sense of decoration…, three qualities that are the defining traits of a master architect." (George R Collins). This book shows the mastery and genius of Gaudí at its fullest, through all his works with the best photographs, texts describing each work, elevation maps, models isometric projections and exclusive videos. "Gaudí, the Unique Architect" is an essential book to discover the works of a world-famous architect and brilliant creator. This was recognised by the UNESCO when it included almost all his buildings as World Heritage.